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Senin, 04 November 2013

pert3 Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer | Managing Design Process |

The Four Pillars of Design

User Interface Requirements
Soliciting and clearly specifying user requirements is a major key to success in any development activity
Laying out the user-interface requirements is part of the overall requirements development and management process
User interface requirements describe system behavior
Ethnographic Observation
Identifying and observing the user community in action
Discussed later 
Guidelines documents and processes
   Each project has different needs, but guidelines should be considered for:
Words, icons, and graphics
Terminology (objects and actions), abbreviations, and capitalization
Character set, fonts, font sizes, and styles (bold, italic, underline)
Icons, graphics, line thickness, and
Use of color, backgrounds, highlighting, and blinking 

Action sequences 
Direct-manipulation clicking, dragging, dropping, and gestures
Command syntax, semantics, and sequences
Programmed function keys
Error handling and recovery procedures
Online help and tutorials
Training and reference materials
Command syntax, semantics, and sequences
  Screen-layout issues
Menu selection, form fill-in, and dialog-box formats

Wording of prompts, feedback, and error messages

Justification, white space, and margins

Data entry and display formats for items and lists

Use and contents of headers and footers

Input and output devices

Keyboard, display, cursor control, and pointing devices

Audible sounds, voice feedback, touch input, and other special devices
Response time for a variety of tasks